Arabic for non-Dutch

Arabic course in The Hague

The Arabic language is spoken by over 350 million people in 27 countries. In 1973 it was adopted by the United Nation as one of its six official languages. Arabic is a language which opens professional, personal and intellectual doors across the world.
This course is intended for non-Dutch speakers with no knowledge of Arabic. We will cover the essential speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in an interactive environment. At the end of the course you will have a basic knowledge.

Course materials

Mastering Arabic 1, Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar, second edition with 2 CDs, ISBN 9780230013124 (€ 43,50).
The teacher can provide the course materials.

Arabic for non-Dutch 1 in The Hague

  • number: 14-***
  • teacher: K.H. (Khaled) Khaled
  • time: to be decided
  • start: October 2014
  • format: 24 lessons of 90 min.
  • location: Oostduinlaan 50
  • participants: 6-12
  • course fee: € 350,-

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