Italian for non-Dutch

Italian course in The Hague

Italian is known as the language of the opera. Many fans of classical music want to learn and understand this lyrical language. But even more people discover Italian when they go on holiday in Italy. You can even more enjoy what this wonderful country has to offer if you can communicate with the inhabitants. You will discover Italy in a different way by talking about the great wines and food, the fascinating landscape and of course its art.

This course is intended for non-Dutch speakers with no or hardly any knowledge of the Italian language. The emphasis lies on the use of everyday Italian. You will need to spend about 3 hours a week on homework. At the end of the course you will have a basic knowledge (level A1). The supporting language in the beginning of this course will be English.

Course materials

To be bought after consultation with the teacher.

Italian for non-Dutch in The Hague

  • code: 14-***
  • teacher: drs. L.P.M. (Pierre) Olivier
  • time: to be decided
  • start: October 2014
  • format: 24 lessons
  • location: Oostduinlaan 50
  • participants: 6-12
  • course fee: € 325,-

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