Japanese 1

Japanese course in The Hague

The course Japanese 1 will be taught from English and can be attended by non-Dutch speakers. In this course we will concentrate on “survival Japanese”, so that you will be able to manage in everyday situations if you are visiting Japan for a holiday or on business. In addition, the book features notes on Japanese culture intended to expand the learner’s understanding of Japan, its customs and people.

Course materials

Japanese for Busy People, volume I, revised 3rd edition, romanized version, ISBN 9781568363844 (€ 29,75), publ. Kodansha International.

Japanese 1 in The Hague

  • code: 13-231
  • teacher: to be decided
  • time: to be decided
  • start: October 2014
  • format: 24 lessons
  • location: Oostduinlaan 50
  • participants: 8-15
  • course fee: € 275,-

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